San Francisco

This last week, I gave a couple talks at OSCON including a fun talk on Antifeatures I hope to give a few in some form a more times in the next year.

After a weekend bike tour, the plan is to stick around San Francisco for another week. If you are around and want to get together to talk wikis, free software, or free culture, to have a keysigning, or to share a drink, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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  1. I happened to attend your Antifeatures presentations, and I have to say: I really enjoyed your talk. Over the years, I’ve heard different arguments for and against things such as DRM, the Windows Upgrade Path, etc. However, you presented everything in a very concrete, understandable way. You also made it a really fun talk, which sadly was one of the few talks I attended that I really liked.

    Best of luck to you, and thanks for giving such a great speech! I’ll be sure to do a write-up once I get all my OSCON coverage notes processed into comprehendable paragraphs and articles. Cheers!

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