Remembering Mnemonics

I noticed recently that often had trouble remembering mnemonics. To help remember them, I’ve started a list of mnemonics that I have trouble remembering on my Wikipedia user page. If there are mnemonics you have trouble remembering, you should leave a comment on my blog or a message on my Wikipedia talk page because it’s possible I have trouble with them as well. If I do, I’ll add them to my list. If they are not even in Wikipedia’s List of mnemonics I can add them so others who forget them also might be able to recall them as well.

One thing I noticed when making the list was that in some situations (e.g., the lists of planets or the hierarchy of the taxonomy in biology), I have no problem remembering the thing that the mnemonics in question are referring to but can’t remember the mnemonic itself. Of course, I can sometimes use the referent as a mnemonic for the mnemonic.

Also, since my list is hosted in my user page on Wikipedia, I should also urge you to considering donating to the Wikimedia Foundation to help support the great work they and to insure that they can purchase the bandwidth and servers necessary to keep Wikipedia going.

Author: Benjamin Mako Hill

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3 thoughts on “Remembering Mnemonics”

  1. I saw on your Wikipedia user page that you understood french, so I will propose you a mnemonic for differentiating stalactites and stalagmites:
    les stalactites tombent,
    les stalagmites montent.

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