Recent and Upcoming Talks

I’ve been a bit remiss about keeping this space up to date with my upcoming talks over the last month or so. Here’s me playing catchup.

On Monday October 20th, I gave a talk on Selectricity for the IEEE Boston Section’s Society on Social Implications of Technology. It covered more or less the same ground I coverd in my OSCON talk on the same subject. Then next day, Tuesday October 21st, I gave a short talk on Revealing Errors as part of the MIT-Harvard-Yale Cyberscholars meeting.

There was nothing new or ground-breaking in either but it was good to spread the word on the projects — work continues on both.

I also have one more coming up: another Revealing Errors talk in Amherst, Massachusetts at my alma mater on October 31st (Halloween). If you are in Western Massachusetts and would like to meet up or attend the talk, let me know.

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