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  1. You’ve been watching Brianac haven’t you? :)

    I would almost say ‘meteorite’, but that’s silly…

    Meteorologist also sounded right, but those are the folks that precast the weather…

  2. OK. Seth seems most correct. However, there are two definitions of meteor that seem relevant: the ball of rock (meteroid or meteorite) and the “shooting star” or fileball that it creates. Wouldn’t “meteoriticist only apply to the former?

  3. A meteorologist is involved in weather though…

    Asa Dotzler..hahaha (i’ve met him before but I see no sign on having interests on meteors..he’s interested in Ubuntu though)

  4. Gallians. They were always worried about the sky falling over him, so probably they studied meteors :P

    No more joking. What about “meteorist”?

  5. It’d really depend on ones interest area in meteorites.  For instance, composition study could be Astrominerology or Xenominerology to further distinguish its extraterrestrial interests within Minerology, or Xenobiology if (perpetually fruitlessly) investigating for signs of organic life and compounds.  But just about everything up until impact would fall under a flavor of Physics, barring the chemistry of burning.

    So all in all I’d call them Rock Collectors.

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