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In the "bits from the Planet Debian maintainer" department…

Steve Kemp has been running a little index and search script for Planet Debian for a couple years now that lets you search for old entries that have showed up on Planet Debian. He was going to take his system offline but, since it was in use by a variety of people, he opted to move it into the default Planet Debian instead.

You should be able to see and use the search box in the sidebar on Planet Debian now. Feedback is welcome, I’m sure. Thanks to Steve for the fantastic addition to our aggregator.

8 Replies to “Planet Debian Searching”

  1. I’m sure Steve would be happy to help share the code so that it could be installed on Planet Ubuntu as well. Do you know how is in charge of this? I’d be happy to help whoever it is with the instructions and introductions necessary to get this done.

  2. I’d be happy to see the code on other hosts.

    Right now it is installed upon gluck only, and you know the location.  If there are any changes required I’d be happy to publish a mercurial repository and make them as required.


  3. Steve et al., I’d be happy to distribute the latest version of the code. Just drop me an email.

    Ming, I think I left a stray lockfile around when I did the upgrade. Should be all fixed now!

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