Picture Break

There are at least two things funny about this (non-staged) desktop screenshot that a friend took a year or so ago:


The background image is a picture of myself and my brother Nate. We were cold and less than completely comfortable and trying to convey this feeling through body language.

The first funny thing is the degree to which my friend has embraced the Windows folder naming conventions as illustrated by this closeup:


I’ll let you all speculate about what the funny things might be on your own.

5 Replies to “Picture Break”

  1. Is it the popup offering free samples of heartburn, is it, is it? I think it is! I think it is! Tell us! Tell us now!

  2. It reminds me of a joke we used to play on people at work. We’d mount their hard drive, and create folders in their desktop folder called stuff like “Hardcore Porn”, “Hentai Folder” etc. So up popped these folders on their desktop.

    Normally this would be done while they were demonstrating something to a colleage, boss or customer.

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