More Defective By Design!

As part of the Defective By Design anti-DRM campaign which I’ve been rabble-rousing for recently, there are going to be a series of protests at Apple Stores across the United States Saturday, June 10th. Events will be in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Plano.

There will be costumes and cameras and plenty of people attempting to warn Apple customers about the dangers of DRM in iTunes and Apple hardware and software.

If you are going to come to any of the events, you can find more information on the Defective By Design website and you can RSVP by mailing

If you are coming to Boston, there’s a tentatively planned after party at the Acetarium. If you have an iPod or other DAP with DRM, we can attempt to liberate your iPod with RockBox there.

If you live in or near any of these places, you should come. If we don’t win some serious mindshare in the next year and before the next holiday season, it will become much more difficult. As consumers of technology, we have a lot to lose to inaction right now.

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