iPod Liberation!

About a month ago, I announced an iPod liberation party (i.e., an install-fest for free/open source software onto iPods). The summary, now several weeks after the fact, was that the party was a total success. More than fifty people attended and several dozens iPods were liberated. Pictures and information on the event are now online.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been polishing a RockBox installer that I wrote for the event, writing up an article published on NewsForge today, and documenting the process for those that want to hold their own similar events.

If you are unconvinced on the subject of iPod liberation, read the NewsForge article written with others from my research group and Harvard Free Culture. Most of the rest of the information on our party and information on throwing your own party exists in sub-pages from the iPod Liberation page in the Free Culture wiki.

I’m looking forward to seeing a whole string of similar parties run by LUGs and other interested groups. It’s a great way to get out a message about software freedom, DRM and about freedom on devices other than computers.

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