I Will Revise

Once again, Wikimania was wonderful. I gave my scheduled talk on Autonomo.us and network freedom and network services. I also filled in for a few speakers to give a "Zotero for Wikipedians" demo and to say a few words about the BY-SA/FDL work as part of a Creative Commons panel.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the conference was the writing and performance of I Will Revise. A couple days before the conference, a small group of Wikipedians — The Difftones — wrote the song at a karaoke bar in Alexandria. We had a wonderful time leading a room full of lightning talk attendees in song and a final rendition by a massive, fully-packed, stage at the party on the final night!

It’s online on meta.wikimedia.org. You should feel free to revise it, add verses, and improve it!

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  1. as someone who witnessed it all, the song was great, specially all those folks on the stage singing it without music in the back.

    Very good job Benjamin

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