I Will Replace Me With a Very Small Shell Script

Today I received an email from someone accusing me of being a bot due to my extremely consistent responses to repeated requests over long periods of time.

I was slightly offended until I realized that if the author of this email really believed I was a bot, emailing me would be very silly. The author is either lying and suspects I am a human or is the kind of person who writes personal emails to computer programs. Either possibility seems like a good reason not take the accusation too seriously.

3 Replies to “I Will Replace Me With a Very Small Shell Script”

  1. … well you might recall Stanislaw Lem’s “Star dairies of John Tihy” novel about washing machines. By the end of that novel, John Tihy uncovers that those who were accusing other of being washing machines where washing machines themselves.

    So, maybe it is a bot writing to you?-)

  2. I only read my first Stanislaw Lem a week or so ago and just a few pages. I will try to check “Star Diaries” next time I can. :) Thanks for the tip.

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