Hall Hall on Hill Hill

If I am ever rich and if my alma mater convinces me to donate a whole bunch of money, I will do it with the stipulation that they name a hill (that’s a hill, not a hall) on the campus after me. I think it would be nice to have a Hill Hill.

Bill Gates and his family donates lots of money to universities around the country and there are many Gates Halls. If I were him, I would donate the same amount of money but ask that the universities name gates, rather than halls, after me.

Imagine a school with the Gates Gates, Hill Hill, and Hall Hall. This is the type of institution of higher learning that I would trust our next generation’s future to.

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  1. My name is Ben Hill also. In the native Scottish language, gaelic, a “Ben” is a hill – like “Ben Nevis”. Thus, the name Ben Hill actually means Hill Hill. So, if you got a hill in Scotland named after you, it would be Hill Hill Hill, or Ben Hill Ben, erm, Hill…or something…

  2. Wow! I had now idea. Thanks Ben Hill!

    I think we need Ben Hill Hill. One of the two of us needs to make it big and make sure it happens.

    — Ben “Mako” Hill

  3. There is a chapel at Smith College named after a woman whose maiden name was Helen Hills and whose married name (if I understand properly) was Helen Hills Hills.  It’s called the Helen Hills Hills Chapel.

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