Geography Lesson (Part II)

Yesterday, I received many requests to post pictures of my rather inaccurate globe. I’m pleased to oblige. Please read the summary I posted yesterday for a list of some of the errors you should have little trouble picking out.

You can click on each cropped thumbnail to see much larger, higher resolution versions of the area and the surrounding continent or region.

/copyrighteous/images/bad_map-1-thumb.jpg /copyrighteous/images/bad_map-2-thumb.jpg /copyrighteous/images/bad_map-3-thumb.jpg /copyrighteous/images/bad_map-4-thumb.jpg /copyrighteous/images/bad_map-5-thumb.jpg

Enrico suggested that if the globe was manufactutered in China, Taiwan would be the same color as China and Taipei would be marked as a provincial, rather than national capital. Sure enough, I now have both a good idea of the globe’s origin plus an idea of how to spell Taipei with an o.

Author: Benjamin Mako Hill

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4 thoughts on “Geography Lesson (Part II)”

  1. What if the weird names are just the way people call cities and countries different in different languages, and the yugoslavia/c[zsh]ec[kh]oslovakia issue is just that that part(the six/two countries are sometimes referred to by that name as well?

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