Geek Nutrition Survey

My partner Mika is doing a research project on geek nutrition. In addition to being a geek herself, she’s got degrees in human nutrition and public health. She works at Harvard School of Public Health. So she seems pretty qualified and I’m looking forward to the results.

She’s trying to get a little bit of data on the food culture and eating habits of GNU/Linux’s users and developers. If you can take a couple minutes to fill out a survey, it would be very helpful to her. The survey is anonymous and only takes results from the first 100 people. Analyzed anonymous results will posted publicly. Comments should be sent to The survey took me under 3 minutes to fill out.

The survey itself is online here.

Mika will present initial results and analysis on her blog and at Penguicon which both of us will be attending.

2 Replies to “Geek Nutrition Survey”

  1. ^_^ Thank you for posting a link to this survey and your girlfriend for making us aware of healthy nutrition. It was great fun but I expected it the survey to be a bit longer o_O. (Past experience with lengthy company/product/service surveys)

  2. Agreed!  Many thanks to Mika for researching this.  But I’ll have to admit I was a bit surprised there was no mention of coffee on a geek health survey.

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