Flying Without Fear by Duane Brown

Mika hates admitting she was wrong or beaten. She also hates failure. Who doesn’t? Maybe the only other thing she really hates is flying on airplanes. While I don’t particularly enjoy being squashed in like a sardine in any situation, I’ve never minded flying in particular and Mika and I have had a number of good-natured arguments about her fear of flying. Since she makes a number of international and transcontinental flights each year, it’s a pretty annoying fear.

When I found Flying Without Fear by Duane Brown for a dollar, I snatched it up and then pressured Mika until she started to read it.

Unfortunately, the second page of the book included this paragraph:

If you are trying to overcome your fear because [somebody] is pressuring you to do so, as opposed to wanting to rid yourself of a burdensome fear, you are likely to fail. Why? Because in your heart you believe that airplanes are unsafe. Moreover, you have probably been in arguments with the person or persons who are pressuring you, and to overcome your fear would be to admit that you are wrong and perhaps have been wrong for a long time.

Damn. Thwarted.

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  1. Let me modify the first sentence in this entry..I hate admitting I was wrong or beaten when CHEATS or when I lose completely fairly.

    And mako, I’m NOT wrong with this statement!

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