Fisherman’s Friends

I have a sore throat today and I asked Mika if she had any Fisherman’s Friends. She asked what they were. I said "fish."

I was making a joke. After all, calling a fish a "fisherman’s friend" implies a relationship that is beyond the realm of even dysfunctional friendships. Of course, this also makes one wonder about the term "friend" in the context of a throat lozenge that hardly fairs any better than the fish in the same company.

3 Replies to “Fisherman’s Friends”

  1. In Denmark, fisherman’s friend sell some odd mixture of vodka and their pastils. It actually tastes quite nice. So if you go to a bar in denmark and ask for a fish, you will actually get this vodka based drink.

  2. My ma just won a 1.5 litre bottle of vodka in a raffle, and she doesn’t drink the stuff. So I think it is time for a very scientific experiment with our little friends. I think the vodka is more a friend to any fishermen I’ve met!

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