Evil in Our World

Here’s an addition to my personal list of villains.

Imagine someone who intentionally leaves their mobile phone on — perhaps even on an extra loud "outdoor mode" and with an particularly obnoxious ringtone — during movies, symphonies, plays, or lectures. While this person isn’t so nasty that they would plan or prompt a call, they enjoy the thrill of knowing, at any moment (but especially during the quiet or emotionally charged parts of the performance), that it could all be ruined. And that it would be their fault. Of course, they would act embarrassed and brush it off as an honest mistake.

3 Replies to “Evil in Our World”

  1. I saw a particularily obnoxious guy walking down the street having a really loud “important business call” when he walked past a group of girls.

    That would be bad enough, but in a beautiful moment of coincidence – his phone then actually rang!

  2. That’s nothing. At my niece’s funeral one of her friends got not one or two, but three or four calls! She neither took the calls nor turned the d****d thing off!

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