Digital Disobedience


I am helping to organize and host an event called Digital Disobedience on cyberactivism and culture jamming this Friday with Harvard Free Culture. The event will explore the interplay between technology, activism, and cultural critique. Here are the details if you are local to Cambridge/Boston and would like to drop by:

Digital Disobedience
Cyberactivism and Culture Jamming
Friday, December 1, 18:00
Science Center 110, Harvard University

The event will feature talks by:

The format will be interactive with short presentations from the speakers and then break-out groups to discuss thoughts and questions with the presenters. A few people have voiced a desire to do some culture jamming of our own afterward. My birthday is the next day so maybe we can have that turn into a little bit of a celebration.

3 Replies to “Digital Disobedience”

  1. I’d like to protest the discrimination against those of us who prefer to reappropriate audiovisual commodities. Really, all this  street-level credibility is being soaked up by iPod coveting bobos who wear trousers so ill-fitting that  you can see down the crack of their ass. And that can’t be good.What abouyt those of who prefer to filch Godard, Chris Marker
    or a documentary about some dude called Zizek? It ain’t right.

    Seriously though, I hope you’re going to talk about the custodial sentence dished out to Grant Stanley and what he’s been doing for the last few months, namely time… Otherwise there’ll weekend after next there’ll be a pro-P2P demo in Milan which I’ll get up to and report on.

    Hope married life is bliss and happy birthday! I’ll raise a glass of wine to you in Rome.


  2. Isn’t it a bad idea to use the word ‘steal’? There’s enough confusion already around the difference between theft and copyright infringement

  3. Perhaps. But if you read the Bubble Project description, you’ll realize that that speech bubble was installed blank onto that advertisement. Somebody who we don’t know filled that in on their own and with their own content.

    As a result, it’s not fair to speculate on what they meant but it seems at least possible that it was tounge in cheek. That is how I understood it.

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