Debian Lost and Found Lost @ 106 Haven Avenue

After the sarge release party last weekend, I ended with at least the following items and (none of their owners) in my apartment:

Any Debian developers traveling through New York City with large quantities of fine single-malt whiskey are welcome to stay at my place.

6 Replies to “Debian Lost and Found Lost @ 106 Haven Avenue”

  1. That must have been a hell of a party!  The Debian crew had better hope the earth is never blown up, since you all don’t seem to know where your towels are.

  2. Hi Mako,
    take the number of trips you have planed in the next year and estimate the number of DD/UD’s you will meet that may live on the same continent as the people whose stuff you have. I’d think that if you give an item to a person who occupies the same continent, that the result will be a return of said items in a reasonable amount of time!
    Not exactly the shortest-path but I’d make a cool graph/tree!
    ps. check my web site for a few sarge party pics.

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