Debian in NYC

One think I liked about living in Boston was that there was an email list of all the local Debian developers that was used to coordinate meetings and keysignings when Debian folks stopped over in Beantown.

A number of local developers including myself did a decent job of replicating this in Seattle. Now that I’m in New York City, I’ve decided it’s something I’d like here as well.

If you are:

  1. A New Yorker (or you’re nearby);
  2. Interested in Debian and in meeting with other Debian-minded folks at infrequent and irregular intervals over beverages — caffeinated and/or alcoholic;

…you should definately join the new Debian NYC Social email list. If you’re only one or neither of these things, you’re still welcome to join but I suspect you’ll get a lot less out of it.

2 Replies to “Debian in NYC”

  1. Kind’a far from NYC (for a non-driver), but hope to participate occasionally. I live in Hartford, CT–in a nearly perfect vacuum.

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