Conference Backgrounds

In lectures and conferences, I tend to find that I concentrate better if I’m sitting in the front row. I also tend to take notes on my laptop.

Because I usually type in transparent or translucent terminals, I tend to look at my desktop backgrounds a lot. In the front row of conferences at lectures, so does the rest of the room.

I realized this when someone came up to me at DebConf2 to ask for one the background images I was using.

Since DebConf2, I make a point of using backgrounds hand-picked for their effectiveness as conference backgrounds: this usually means images which manage to combine extreme distractability and inoffensiveness. The following is one from my standard arsenal (click the image for the full size copy):


5 Replies to “Conference Backgrounds”

  1. Great bird! I was looking for a picture of an emu and made this my desktop background imediately. Before reading your comment on the pic! :-))

  2. I came across your wonderful emu picture and from the source I found it, assumed it was not copyrighted.  I have been told that I must have something in writing.  This is from a blog from Wednesday, September 15, 2004, titled Conference Backgrounds.  Can you help me??  Thank you so much.

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