Charles Kane and Jim Gettys

I watched Citizen Kane several weeks ago and was shocked to learn that the major villian in the film is a political boss named Jim Gettys. Of course, a real Jim Gettys is a well known X Window System contributor who is currently working at an OLPC manager.

Last night someone reminded me that OLPC’s new President and COO — who I’d always just thought of as Chuck — is named Charles Kane!

Here’s a short clip from a video of the fictional Charles Kane giving a rather long speech decrying the fictional Jim Gettys! (Also in Ogg.)

I haven’t been this amused since I learned that the head villian in the cartoon Jem was named Eric Raymond!

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  1. I love those name games. Last night I glanced at my wife’s medical book she’s studying and the authors’ names are in alphabetical order on the cover – who else by Dr. Kasper and Dr. Hauser were both contributing authors?

    I kept looking back and forth between the medical book and the DVD I have “Kasper Hauser”, trying to find a difference…

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