Change of Plans

One change and one addition to my current European tour.

First, it looks like we’ll be skipping Amsterdam this time and heading straight to London from Zagreb on the evening of January 10th. We’ll still plan to arrive in Cambridge before the 13th.

Second, I’ll be giving a redux of my Revealing Errors talk at Mama in Zagreb on January 10th at 14:00 as part of the normal skill sharing meeting. It’s the longer version of my OSCON keynote with many more examples. Folks who have seen earlier versions of the talk seem to think it’s a lot of fun.

If you are in or near Zagreb, you should come!

2 Replies to “Change of Plans”

  1. hi star,
    seems this post got into glitch of the time machine. probably just reposted from december 2008. i think i have the talk recorded somewhere.. need to upload it somewhere..

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