Brushing Up On My Australian

I spent some time last night with a room full of Australians going through a list of differences between US and Aussie English. They seemed to get a kick out of the fact that USians refer to "bum bags" as "fanny packs." The real winner for me is the fact that Aussies refer to potted plants as "pot plants."

I keep imagining the poor people who innocently ask US Consular or Customs officials if they are allowed to bring "pot plants" into the US.

I asked the Aussies what one would call a potted "pot" plant. They seemed to be struggling for an answer.

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  1. No doubt you were sitting in a room full of a number of my friends. They’re well meaning but a little slow ;) The most common term for potted “pot” plants I come across is simply “homegrown”. We don’t really use the word “pot” here much, there are far too many other interesting terms ;) plus the people who use the word “pot” are likely to be the same people who use “dude” – a word that solely belongs in the vocabulary of USA folk and sounds wrong spoken by anyone else. Ummmm, yeah, so insert homegrown instead of pot and you’ll be on the money. It’s also useful for phrases describing the regional crops: “mate, had some great Mudgee homegrown over the weekend, have to get out there and get another batch sometime soon”.

    I highly recommend Crescent Head & Byron homegrown if you’re ever out this way.

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