Blueberry Salmon

I once had salmon that tasted exactly like blueberries. It wasn’t served in a blueberry sauce, or any sauce at all for that matter, and the two other orders of the same dish at the table tasted normal. It was as if this particular salmon had eaten huge numbers of blueberries and the meat itself had soaked up the blueberry taste. Everyone at the table verified the phenomena.

Now I like blueberries, and blueberry salmon isn’t bad tasting per se, but it’s so unusual that it detracts from and devalues the normal salmon eating experience.

We told the waitress at the restaurant restaurant but she didn’t believe us.

Originally posted as a diary entry on Kuro5hin. Although Kuro5hin is now defunct, an archived copy of the post includes a series of comments from the Kuro5hin community.

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