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Believe it or not, there is news that is even cooler than the free content and expression definition. The news is that after knowing each other and dating for something like 7 or 8 years — on and off but mostly on — Mika and I are going to be getting married. Here’s a picture of the two of us at a picnic last weekend:


If you read my blog, you’ve probably seen my frequent links to hers. If you hung out with me in Seattle, Boston, or New York, in the last 3 years or have ever visited The Acetarium, you probably already know her.

We’ve told our families and many of close friends and will going ahead with a wedding and parties in the coming months. At the very least, we’ll be having parties in Cambridge (Massachusetts) and in Seattle. Neither of us are particularly traditional and I don’t imagine we’ll make a very traditional married couple. But we are crazy about each other and in it for the long haul. And that’s what counts.

The only bad news it that it means that I won’t be making Debconf this year — for the first time in four years. With a little bit of luck I’ll be back (perhaps with Mika who attended Debconf 4) next year.

If you want to send messages of congratulations. You could make us really happy by sending them in the form of cards or postcards. You can mail those to:

Benjamin Mako Hill and Mika Matsuzaki
The Acetarium
1010 Massachusetts Ave, Apt 54
Cambridge, MA 02138

Stay tuned for information on forthcoming parties and celebrations.

15 Replies to “Big News”

  1. Yay!! o/ Congratulations to the two of you!  You guys are a cute couple, and I have enjoyed reading your intertwined blog posts over time.  Hope to see you at DebConf.

  2. Good on ya, mate! Congrats to both of you. Way to go! My fiancee Kayo and I are going through the same stages, well worth the effort. Cheers, Gernot

  3. Hey mako and mika!

    This is great news. I’ve spent some time trying to think the craziness that can be involved in a “mako and mika wedding party”. I think I’ll want to be around ;)

    Congrats to both!

  4. Mako and Mika,

    You guys look awesome together. Congrats and may you have many many more fun-filled and crazy years together.

    P.S. You’ll have to change names to Miko and Maka.

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