As If Millions of Voices Suddenly Cried Out in Terror…

When I write a novel, I am going to include a character who eats flying fish row (飛びこ) because he revels in the idea that he is eliminating hundreds of potential lives with each bite.

I would never like to meet such a person but I think it would make a fanscinating character trait.

6 Replies to “As If Millions of Voices Suddenly Cried Out in Terror…”

  1. I love Roe (generally Cod Roe) but not for the reasons you want so I guess your search just needs to continue elsewhere ;-)

    Move along, nothing to see here, just a man eating fisheggs.

  2. To set the record straight. I believe that the idea for this originally came from a conversation I had with Paul Rice over a meal of, well, flying fish roe.

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