Antifeatures at the Free Technology Academy

In addition to lecturing for two courses at MIT this term, I recently had the pleasure of giving a lecture on antifeatures at the Free Technology Academy — a program which offers Masters courses over the Internet. Quite a few of the FTA courses are about free software, free knowledge, and related topics!

It was my first time giving a lecture to microphone and an empty room. Although I found it a little tricky to adapt to the lack of any audience, the FTA folks put together a great video. I’m psyched that the course material will be available as open education resources for anyone who might want to incorporate it into another course.

If you’ve seen my LCA keynote about antifeatures (which is also available online), there’s not going to be a whole new in the lecture. If didn’t see it, you might want to check out the lecture. I’ll be in the online discussion group around the Lecture for the next couple weeks but you need to sign up to participate.

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