Another Summer European Tour

I’ve been in Europe for the last couple weeks but pretty occupied with things like attending my brother wedding and a series of outdoor excursions in Spain.

Today Mika and I arrived in Berlin where I am going to attending and giving a talk at the Open Knowledge Conference on When Free Software Isn’t Better. I’ll also participate in a session on Wikipedia research facilitated by Mayo Fuster Morrell.

On July 2nd, I’ll be taking an overnight train to Vienna where I’ll be attending the Open and User Innovation Workshop — an academic conference where I’ll presenting some of my research. From there I’ll be hitching a ride to Munich with Marcell Mars on July 6th and, after that, a flight back to Boston with a weekend long layover in Reykjavik.

Details on the trip are on page on my wiki and I encourage anyone to contact me if you’re in Berlin, Vienna, Munich, or Reykjavik and want to meet up for a drink or a chat.

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