An Invisible Handful of Stretched Metaphors

The following list is merely a small selection of scholarly articles listed in the ISI Web of Knowledge with "invisible hand" in their title:

  • Beyond the Reach of the Invisible Hand
  • The Real Invisible Hand: Presidential Appointees in the Administration of George W. Bush
  • The Invisible Hand of God, Visible in the History of Chemotherapy
  • Does the Latex Glove Fit the Invisible Hand? Application of Market Ideology to the Doctor/Patient Relationship.
  • One-Armed Economists and the Invisible Hand.
  • Subjective Image of Invisible Hand Coded By Monkey Intraparietal Neurons
  • Exploitation – The Invisible Hand Guided By a Blind Eye: Confronting a Flaw in Economic Theory
  • The Invisible Hand: Supernatural Agency in Political Economy and the Gothic Novel
  • The ‘Invisible Man’ and the Invisible Hand – H.G. Wells’s Critique of Capitalism
  • The Dilemmas of Laissez-Faire Population Policy in Capitalist Society: When the Invisible Hand Controls Reproduction.
  • Hong Kong Government Policy and Information Technology Innovation: The Invisible Hand, the Helping Hand, and the Hand-Over to China
  • Helping Russian Students See the Invisible Hand.
  • Hailing with an Invisible Hand: A ‘Cosy’ Political Dispute Amid the Rise of Neoliberal Politics in Modern Ireland
  • Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand Is Unstable: Physics and Dynamics Reasoning Applied to Economic Theorizing
  • Offering an Invisible Hand: the Rise of the Personal Choice Model for Rationing Public Benefits
  • From the Invisible Handshake to the Invisible Hand? How Import Competition Changes the Employment Relationship
  • Invisible Hand Effect in an Evolutionary Minority Game Model
  • Did the Invisible Hand Rock the Cradle?
  • Internet: The Invisible Hand of Deliberation
  • The Invisible Hand Has Already Wreaked Much Havoc – About Adam Smith
  • Gaussen’s Invisible Hand: The University Mechanics and Machine Inspector Moritz Meyerstein: An Instrument Maker in the 19th Century.
  • "The Invisible Hand" of the Market or "The Ever-Present Hand" of Management (On New Discussions and Methods in the Field of Economic History)
  • Statin Utilisation – Recognising the Role of the Invisible Hand
  • The Universe’s Invisible Hand.
  • How Did the Invisible Hand Handle Industrial Waste? By-Product Development Before the Modern Environmental Era
  • When Iron Fist, Visible Hand, and Invisible Hand Meet: Firm-Level Effects of Varying Institutional Environments in China
  • Behavioural Genetics: Evolutionary Fingerprint of the ‘Invisible Hand’
  • The Hunting of Forbidden Books. Censored Books, Persecuted Books, the Story Written By the Invisible Hand
  • Identification of Pareto-Improving Policies: Information as the Real Invisible Hand
  • The Conspiracy of the Invisible Hand: Anonymous Market Mechanisms and Dark Powers
  • The Other Invisible Hand, Delivering Public Services Through Choice
  • Reviving the Invisible Hand: the Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-First Century
  • Plant Science – The "Invisible Hand" of Floral Chemistry
  • Suppressive Effect of Multimodal Surface Representation on Ocular Smooth Pursuit of Invisible Hand
  • The Visible Versus the Invisible Hand – A Tension Inherent in Modern Economies
  • The Invisible Hand and the Grabbing Hand
  • A Close Eye on the Invisible Hand
  • The Contracts of Credit in a Long Term Relationship From the Invisible Hand to the Handshake
  • Chile’s New Entrepreneurs and the "Economic Miracle": The Invisible Hand or a Hand From the State?
  • The Invisible Hand or Hands Across the Water, American Consultants and Irish Economic-Policy
  • How Would the Invisible Hand Handle Money
  • A Helping Hand for the Invisible Hand
  • Measuring the Speed of the Invisible Hand – The Macroeconomic Costs of Price Rigidity
  • The Invisible Hand Turns Green – Using Economic Instruments to Conserve the Environment
  • The Invisible Hand Made Visible, the ‘Birth-Mark’
  • Trembling Invisible Hand Equilibrium
  • Guiding the Invisible Hand – Economic Liberalism and the State in Latin-American History
  • The ‘Invisible Hand Meets the Dead Hand High Above Washington D.C.’
  • From the Invisible Hand to the Gladhand – Understanding a Careerist Orientation to Work
  • Public-Sector Reform – Not So Invisible Hand
  • Darwin and Paley Meet the Invisible Hand
  • Economics as Ideology – On Making the Invisible Hand Invisible
  • The Invisible Hand – Poetics and Narration of Verga, the Novelist
  • Invisible Hand, Invisible Death
  • The Invisible Hand Strikes Back – Motor Insurance and the Erosion of Organized Competition in General Insurance, 1920-38
  • The Creeping Invisible Hand – Entrepreneurial Librarianship
  • The Speed of the Invisible Hand
  • From the Invisible Hand to Visible Feet – Anthropological Studies of Migration and Development
  • Invisible Hand, the Marijuana Business
  • The Invisible Hand in San Francisco.
  • The Invisible Hand That Feeds the Cults – Messianic Capitalism
  • Can an Invisible Hand Palpate the Carotid Pulse
  • Invisible Hand or Fatherly Hand – Problems of Paternalism in the New Perspective on Health
  • Palm-Reading the Invisible Hand – A Critical-Examination of Pro-Competitive Reform Proposals
  • The Market as Messiah: The Invisible Hand Strikes Again.
  • Federal Legislation and Investment Policy – Far-From-Invisible Hand of Congress and Treasury
  • Shaking Hands with Invisible Hand – Transitional Strategies for Global Social-Change – Questions and Issues
  • Invisible Hand and Clenched Fist – Is There a Safe Way to Picket Under First Amendment
  • Institutional Change and Quasi-Invisible Hand

And, finally:

  • What’s Wrong with Invisible-Hand Explanations?

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