A Done Deed

It’s about time for a wrap-up on the recent major event in my life.

On May 29th, Mika Matsuzaki and I were married.

The festivities kicked off with a parade through Somerville’s Davis Square. Andres Salomon kept rhythm on drums and, thanks to my new lab adviser Chris Csikszentmihályi, we had a couple dozen other wikipedians, hackers, technologists, and biologists keeping tune on kazoos. Like all good Somerville parades, we forgot our parade permit. Which was fine.


On the marginally more traditional side, we exchanged vows (written under a mathematical constraint — Mika’s idea) and rings. The marriage was made official by Oxford/Harvard professor of "Cyberlaw" — who I once worked as teachers’ assistant for many years ago — and Massachusetts Justice of the Peace, Jonathan Zittrain.


We ended the day watching the sunset with the serious party-goers from out of town, Debian, and the FSF. Then off to dinner and "happily ever after."


Lots more pictures are linked the Cambridge wedding page on our wedding wiki. If you have pictures, you should link them there or mail them to use and we’ll upload them. If you want to send messages of congratulations, please visit that page for mailing instructions (best!) or a wiki page to write them up on.

Just yesterday, we received (via Joey Hess) four wonderful pages of tightly packed congratulations messages from the attendees at DebConf. Although it’s not a constitutional matter, I’m pretty confident we had more than 3Q developers signing that form which, in a Debian election methods sort of way, really warms my heart. Thank you everyone! It’s really too bad we missed DebConf but we’re both determined to make next year!

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  1. Congrats; I wish I could have been there. Ah, a month too early. :)

    I’m hoping to attend DebConf next year too. Erinn even says she might try to leave from Boston.

  2. Congratulations for you and Mika!

    All the Brazillians UbuntUSERS hope you a very long and lovefully life!

    When visiting Brazil, just let us know!!

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