The Most Photographed Bus Company in America

I suspect that Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. ( may be the most disproportionately photographed bus line in America by young Internet-savvy photographers.

These photographs, and many more, are taken from Flickr:

When it comes to the most insulting bus company, however, the unfortunate typography that rendered the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority buses dangerously close to “puta” may give Lamers a run for their money in Spanish speaking communities.

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Benjamin Mako Hill

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10 thoughts on “The Most Photographed Bus Company in America”

  1. If you want to pull down a bazillion photos from Flickr like this, use my script.

    require ‘rubygems’
    require ‘net/flickr’

    flickr =‘3157869c86ca1660c87107dcb3783cb6′)‘text’ => ‘lamers bus’ ).each{|photo|
      puts photo.source_url(:large)

  2. I don’t believe any currently active PVTA buses have that livery anymore…at least, it doesn’t look familiar to me. The newest buses use the slightly goofy purple-and-orange logotype. When is that picture from?

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