6 thoughts on “Accidentally Accurate”

  1. The label is accurate. Just like the  label on a hammer might say “hammers” or a knife might be labelled “stabs” or a clock, “ticks”.

    It’s kind of Memento-esque though.

  2. Well, actually it’s only close to accurate.  That, as you correctly linked, is a stapler, and yet it is labelled as Staples, small objects which are fed through said stapler.  Sounds like a “close but no cigar” to me.

  3. I was in a Staples looking for staples yesterday, in fact.  I actually asked a clerk “where can I find your namesake?” He looked confused.  I guess I would’ve been if someone had said that me too.

    Turns out the smallest amount of staples that Staples sells is FIFTEEN THOUSAND.  It was only like $4, but I have probably not used fifteen thousand staples in my entire life.  I vowed to make the purchase elsewhere.

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