Berkman Fellowship

Last week, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society announced it’s 2011-2012 list of fellows. I’m honored and excited that they elected to include me in a pretty incredible list of fellows, faculty associates, and other affiliates. It seems I’ll be at Harvard next year.

In my first year as an undergraduate — when fights over Napster were raging — I took a class taught by a Berkman Fellow on the political and social implications of Internet technology. The next year, I worked part-time as a teaching assistant for Harvard Law professor (and Berkman director) Jonathan Zittrain. These experiences had a enormous influence on my life and work. Before, my goal was to study and teach English literature.

I’ve hung around on the fringes of the center for much of the last decade and I’ve grown immeasurably from the experience. Most recently, I’ve been working closely with Berkman director Yochai Benkler and current fellow Aaron Shaw on research in online cooperation. The new crop of fellows includes a pretty great group of people working on similar stuff and I’m looking forward to expanding the online cooperation research at the center and to a year of fascinating talks and discussions. I also hope that, after all these, years, I’ll be able to give a bit back to an organization that has given me so much.