PyBlosxom Hacks Page

Since my weblog catastrophe a few months ago, I’ve been spending a little more time getting my PyBlosxom setup on copyrighteous into shape.

Initially, my efforts were focused on a series of patches to PyBlosxom and to several important plugins. As I became a little more familiar with the code base, I realized that in an evening or a little bit of downtime, I can pretty easily create my own plugins. I’ve already managed to accumulate a few of them.

I’ve created a page on my website to hosts these and have put what I’ve got publishable so far up there. I’ve got two more that I’m still in the process of vetting on the PyBlosxom mailing list but that I’ll post there (and announce on this blog) soon.

The first plugin that I’ve published there is a very simple plugin I wrote to display ads (I am experimenting with Google ads but it should work with other ad providers or even for non-ads) but only to those who get to my old blog entries by searching for them.

My thinking was inspired by an old post by my friend Evan where he described setting up Google advertisements in a way that would not affect his core readership but might allow him to use blogging to make his activism financially sustainable. While I suspect (and hope!) that most my own readership’s Internet experience is mediated by Adblock and Filterset.G, the plugin will spare even those that don’t while showing ads to those I don’t know yet.