The Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible

So, I suppose it deserves mentioning here with my other projects. I recently helped write a book and the finish product ended up with my name on the top. The book seems to be selling quite well and has received good reviews so far. It’s been in stores for over a month but I first saw it a couple days ago. It looks nice!

The book was a very collaborative effort and the real credit goes to all of other great folks who helped out with the writing, editing, and tech review. I wrote a few chapters and chunks and then acted a sort of conductor for most of the homestretch. Within the Debian community, the list of contributors included David Harris, Jaldhar Vyas, John Goerzen, and Micah Anderson. Jim Keogh and Kurt Wall also contributed chapters. Many editors, Sara Shlaer in particular, helped immensely.

The book is designed as an introduction to Debian and would be most appropriate for users with no Debian experience and even for folks that have never used GNU/Linux at all. That said, I learned things reading the other authors’ chapters and have no trouble recommending it to more technical users.

You can buy the book at any number of places online.