Mako and Mako Hill

I’ve talked about intercultural confusion and human naming schemes before and the thought has remained on my mind.

In particular, I’ve been thinking a bit about marriage and the often traditional process of the bride taking the groom’s family name I like the idea of changing names and marriage seems to be one of the places where it is quite acceptable to change one’s name. That said, there are limits both to who can can change their name and the types of changes permissible if it’s going to remain generally acceptable.

I can imagine some humorous confusion in the process of name taking between cultures with given name/family name endianness incompatibility. I’d like to be able to also have the option to change my first (given) name and briefly considered the possibility of capitalizing on the confusion mentioned above to do this. The downside to this is that it probably would mean I end with the same given name as my spouse. This, I think, defeats the point.