Changelog for Syllabus (COM 528A)

Designing Internet Research
COM528 A - Department of Communication

Thu Jun 11 18:18:29 PDT 2015

  • Replaced link to McMillan article with link to PDF in Canvas.

Wed May 20 13:38:46 PDT 2015

  • Finalized reading for final session.
  • Clarified requirements for final presentation.
  • Removed the note that says this is in progress since we're done at this point.

Wed May 6 18:50:37 PDT 2015

  • Switched around the weeks for technical consulting to bring more work on project sooner.
  • Added readings for session on experiment.
  • Collaposed sections on experimenting and added a new section on crowdsourcing.

Wed Apr 22 15:53:44 PDT 2015

  • Moved several items for interviewing week from required to optional.
  • Moved danah boyd article from ethnography to interviewing.
  • Add link to SAGE book on online interviewing.
  • Rearranged the schedule to make room for two weeks to work on projects.

Wed Apr 15 21:24:58 PDT 2015

  • Moved readings on visual analysis originaly May 25 up to April 21.
  • Edited the readings for VA to remove several that aren't great matches.
  • Moved narrative analysis to a "bike rack" in the end.
  • Moved social network analysis for Part II in April 21.
  • Swapped interviewing and digital trace data so that interviewing is now scheduled for April 28.
  • Added 5-6 new visual analysis optional papers that are more technical.
  • Added a strongly recommended video lecture for the visual analysis section.

Wed Apr 8 14:11:57 PDT 2015

  • Updated readings for weeks 2 and 3.

Sat Mar 28 04:55:23 PDT 2015

  • Added reading note for Week 1.

Thu Mar 26 07:28:53 PDF 2015

  • Added Lazer, et al.'s article on "Computation Social Science" to the required readings for Week 1, Part I.
  • Added several journalist and blog posts about he Facebook emotion study.
  • Removed several readings.
  • Changed the requirements/assignments slightly to downplay the requirement that students actually engage in data collection and turn it into a suggestion. I want to be realistic about what we can accomplish in the quarter. We will negotiate this as the class progresses.
  • Added description of recommended books and removed note suggesting that some might be required.