Changelog for Syllabus (COM597 B)

Innovation Communities: How Business Can Harness the DIY Dynamic
COM597 B — Masters of Communication in Communities and Networks (MCCN) Elective

Mon Jun 2 16:45:15 PDT 2014

  • Make all readings optional to make room for the final presentatons.

Wed May 21 18:28:32 PDT 2014

  • Uploaded the Greenstein et al. case to Canvas and included the link.
  • Moved the Frey and Jergen piece from the required readings to the optional.
  • We will not do any final presentations this week so I removed the note that we would.

Sat May 10 13:23:24 PDT 2014

  • Turns out, there is a bug in the Sloan Management Review website. Upload a version to canvas and remove the extra URL.

Sat May 10 13:00:40 PDT 2014

  • Added an link using the UW library proxy to help get access to the article.

Wed May 7 12:38:43 PDT 2014

  • Added link to a photocopy version of the Esquire article that includes a picture.
  • Fix typo in the URL for the Wayner article.
  • Moved Scacchi article on game modding from required into optional.
  • Added link to the "Blizard vs. bnetd" Stanford Business School case.
  • Reordered the list of material.

Wed Apr 30 11:57:09 PDT 2014

  • Changed due date for proposal from May 3th to May 4th

Tue Apr 29 16:16:47 PDT 2014

  • Moved Sinnreich's "Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture" from required to optional.
  • Moved Vaidhyanathan's "Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity." from required to optional.
  • Specified that for Lessig's Remix, we'll only read the introduction.
  • Specified that the link to the Threadless video case will be distributed with a canvas announcement.

Wed Apr 23 17:05:36 PDT 2014

  • Retroactively added Brabham's Crowdsourcing book to the optional readings for the broadcast search week.
  • Add link to the Rao et al. case on Mozilla which was purchased and uploaded to Canvas.
  • Add link to Almost Wikipedia which I uploaded to my personal website.

Mon Apr 14 17:35:04 PDT 2014

  • Reordered the list of readings in the "Broadcast Search" section.
  • Retitled April 22 as "Broadcast Search and Contests" instead of "Crowdsourcing and Contests" to avoid the less clear term "crowdsourcing".
  • Retitled May 20th as "Human Computation" instead of "Crowdsourcing and Human Computation" to avoid the less clear term "crowdsourcing".
  • Added link to PDF of the (A) case in Canvas.

Sun Apr 6 14:21:41 PDT 2014

  • Reordered the list of the methods in the front-end to match the order we'll cover them in the syllabus.
  • Typo in readings for Week 3 (should be Chapter 5 instead of 6 in Democratizing Innovation). The chapter name and pages were correct.
  • Dropped reading: [Case] O'Mahony, Siobhan, Fernando Cela Diaz, and Evan Mamas. IBM and Eclipse (A). Harvard Business School Press, 2005.
  • Added reading: Kohler, Thomas, Kurt Matzler, and Johann Füller. “Avatar-Based Innovation: Using Virtual Worlds for Real-World Innovation.” Technovation 29, no. 6–7 (June 2009): 395–407.
  • Added reading: “Living a Second Life.” The Economist, September 28, 2006.
  • Added optional reading: von Hippel, Eric. “Perspective: User Toolkits for Innovation.” Journal of Product Innovation Management 18, no. 4 (July 2001): 247–57.
  • Added optional reading: von Hippel, Eric, and Ralph Katz. “Shifting Innovation to Users via Toolkits.” Management Science 48, no. 7 (July 2002): 821–33.

Fri Mar 28 17:34:50 PDT 2014

  • Added link to 3M case.
  • Changed the selections from Churchill et al. from required to optional.
  • Changed von Hippel et al. Harvard Business Review article from optional to required.