Free Software Project Management HOWTO News

Tue Dec 22 19:47:21 EST 2009

This version includes the following changes:

  • Include links to the Spanish translation.
Fri Aug 22 17:56:14 EDT 2008

This version includes the following changes:

  • Upated version with links to the German translation.
  • Moved to version 1.2 of GFDL.
  • Fixed several broken links.
Mon Apr 15 17:54:48 EDT 2002

This version includes the following changes:

  • More information about the mechanics of licensing.
  • Several additions under the "Other Documentation Hints."
  • Some specifics on package naming (with a ref to ESR's howto).
  • A new section on encouraging good patching (also with a ref).
  • More specifics on announcing the software.
  • Quite a number of grammar, spelling, and other small errors.

Also, as per user request, I've added a number of new documents to the bibliography. I've added information and references from these docs into appropriate places in the HOWTO. As per request, I've gone through and provided references to Eric Raymond's Software Release Practices HOWTO in the places where it seemed relevant helping to make the two work together a bit. These slight overlap areas are evident in the list of changes above.

Tue Jun 19 06:44:05 EDT 2001

There's a new version of the HOWTO for a couple reasons:

  • To assure people that I'm still interested and working on this project (it's been more than a months since I released the last version of the HOWTO and it's not in a really complete state yet so I don't wan to let it stagnate yet).
  • To relicense the HOWTO (or to license it right for the first time.

The license section is all brand new now and it describes how the HOWTO is now licensed under the GDL (GNU Documentation License). I also added an appendix with the complete license and a neat little boilplate license in the intro as well.

The licensing and such is all in preperation to finally submit the HOWTO to the LDP. I will begin that process in the next several days. :) Wish me luck.

Sat May 5 13:23:04 2001

I went ahead and changed the name of the HOWTO to the Free Software Project Manament and made some small changes that I'd promied. Since some of the changes were large (but mostly because of the new name) I've raised the minor version number to 0.3.

The project is now being hosted at, a new project to promote and facilitate free software advocacy and development.

Wed Apr 25 18:09:45 EDT 2001

I've decided on changing the name to the Free Software Project Management HOWTO. All the feedback that I've heard insists that it isn't corporate and it's probably a much more appropriate name. I will make some minor changes and fixes, get the name changed, and release a new version within the week. :)

I think I am getting ready for the HOWTO to get the fame (and criticism) that comes with exploring a larger audience.

Tue Apr 10 09:25:57 EDT 200

This is just a minor release meant to fix some problems that people have pointed out to me. Most notably, I went through and changed the text for many of the links and changed the way the forking section is sectioned off so that it doesn't seem like an organizational technique.

Thanks to Josh Crawford, Andy King, and Jaime Davila for all your help. You guys have been totally invaluable in your suggestions.

Mon Apr 9 01:42:28 EDT 2001

Thanks again to everyone who gave me feedback. I just finished a major revision of the HOWTO that I've been working on pretty hard for some time now. I've added a bibliography at the end that I've annotated with my feelings about the pieces and how useful I found them. I went through Advogato (the entire thing) and got a huge amount of info from the articles there and have used it to help fill in the some of the bigger blank spots in the HOWTO.

I've starting to think that the name needs to change. Maybe the "Free Software Project Management HOWTO" or something less corporate would be a better name. My HOWTO doesn't really deal with all aspects of free software development (thank god) and it probably could deal with a better name.

I may or may not release another version before Tuesday. At this point, I've spent almost 8 hours straight staying at DocBook SGML and I'd rather not think about it for a while. :)

Wed Apr 4 19:03:44 EDT 2001

Thank you to everyone who has gotten to me with feedback. Thank's especially to Andy King, Jaime Davila and Josh Crawford who have all helped me with initial read throughs and extensive comments. I have already started working on a major revision which I hope to get done before this Friday or Saturday.

I am adding references to and information from several advogato articles I had overlooked initially and I am going to try and correct spelling mistakes in the v0.01. The next release will be v0.2 and should make my version numbers prettier. Thanks again to everyone who helped.

Wed Mar 28 00:19:28 EST 2001

Pre-Release Version v0.01 was released on Wed Mar 28 00:19:28 EST 2001

The HOWTO is just now enjoying a limited pre-release status. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please mail them to me as soon as possible. I am planning on making several more pre-release versions before I submit the HOWTO to be released much more widely by the Linux Documentation Project. I appreciate the help of anyone who is willing to share any input or help in getting this document ready for a full release.

For more up to date news, feel free to use CVS and read the last LOG entries since I usually use those for directions during periods of heavy revision to the HOWTO.