Press and Media Coverage

This is a very incomplete list that I only began to assemble retrospectively in 2014. Because I wasn't keeping track of this over the last 10 years or so, this list is missing quite a lot of instances of press and media coverage of my work—especially as we got back more than a year or so. If you notice something that is missing, feel free to let me know at and I will update the page.

Because there are too many, I have intentionally exluded reviews of books I have written on this list.

Press About My Academic Research and/or Teaching

Interviews and Profiles

Press About My Free Software Work

My work on antifeatures:

My work on the Ubuntu project which I helped get off the ground:

Press About My Free Culture Work

Reports on some of my activism and work around open access scholarly publishing:

Reports on an unfortunate situation where I was threated with a lawsuit for contributions I made to Wikipedia:

Some of my writing about Creative Commons including this article:

Press about my website Unhappy Birthday:

Press About My Privacy Research and Activism

My research on Gmail and privacy:

Coverage and discussion of my work on the website Seeing Yellow:

Quotations as expert in press coverage on other topics

Book Reviews and Similar

Press About My Mathetical Wedding Vows