GPG/PGP Public Keys

The key (and its associated subkeys) that I attempt to use for all personal communication today is 0xF5852F4E. It is a newer 4096 bit RSA key.

For work related correspondance, I use 0x67225BF0 which is also a 4096 bit RSA key. Please use this key for all UW related correspondence but please do not use it for any non-work correspondence.

Key information useful in a keysigning is listed below:

pub   4096R/F5852F4E 2009-10-25
      Key fingerprint = E9A2 71C0 7196 4891 AA57  663D 9EA3 3414 F585 2F4E
uid                  Benjamin Mako Hill <>
uid                  Benjamin Mako Hill <>

pub   4096R/67225BF0 2014-12-17
      Key fingerprint = 34AC E00E 6BCC FD4F 8296  4C87 7FD1 3BFE 6722 5BF0
uid                  Benjamin Mako Hill 
sub   4096R/E5292053 2014-12-17

I also have two older DSA/ELG Combination Keys — 0x607559E6 and 0xC99870B1. I still have control of both of these keys and used them actively until 2013. Because they are still valid and well connected, I appreciate if you sign them during a keysigning but please not use them for encrypted communication.

I have created other keys as well and have lost control of one key and revoked another. Please only use the two keys listed above (0xF5852F4E for personal correspondence and 0x67225BF0 for work).

If you'd like to find this information in a text file for easy printing, there is one posted here.