I've embedded a copy of calendar below so you can have a sense of times that are likely busy or free. It can take more than 5 seconds to load the calendar so please be patient. The calendar on this page will display things in your local timezone.

Scheduling a Meeting

If you are actively working with me—e.g., if you are a member or affiliate with the Community Data Science Collective, a student in any of my classes, or an collaborator on a project—please go and and use this Harmonizely page to schedule a 30 or 60 minute long meeting with me.

If you are not already working with me, please contact me by email first. This includes prospective PhD students and UW students who are not in my lab or classes. When I get meeting requests from people I don't recognize, I typically just reject/cancel them. Please don't take it personally, just reach out first! I recognize that I'm a far from perfect correspondant (and I apologize or that). If I don't reply to your email for a week, send me a reminder!