aub -- Assembles binary files from USENET


aub [option]


aub accesses news either remotely via the NNTP protocol or locally, by scanning a news spool directory, and searches for new pieces of split, encoded binaries that have recently been received. Binaries are expected to contain subject lines conforming to de-facto Usenet standards; aub may not be able to identify pieces of binaries which are not named according to accepted conventional practice. If new binaries are found, aub retrieves, organizes and decodes them, leaving the decoded files in a configurable location.


Most of aub's configuration is done in the it's main configuration file, $HOME/.aubconf, which is required. Invoke aub with the -M flag to learn about the structure of configuration files. This will also present a full discussion of aub and its capabilities. aub understands the following options, all of which are discussed in detail in the internal documentation:


Catch-up mode; binaries are processed but not assembled.


No-checkpoint mode; the user's .aubrc file is not modified.


Specifies the debug level that aub is to run at.


Prints a summary of the manual.


Prints the manual.


Lists changes since the last version of aub.


Print version number



aub's main configuration file. This file is required for aub to run at all. Read the aubconf documentation or run aub -M to find out more about the structure of this file.


Historical data maintained by and for aub about which articles it has assembled into files (or checked and decided to pass) and which it has not. In the vast majority of cases you won't need to touch this file


The Perl interpreter.



Default location for decoded binaries


Default location for description file


Default hook program


Potential NNTP server


Your home directory


Mark Stantz (No valid email address known)

Brandon Long

Avinash Chopde

Mako Hill (responsible for this document)


Copyright (c) 1992-2002 Mark Stantz, Brandon Long, Avinash Chopde, Mako Hill

This code is offered as-is. Anyone is welcome to make improvements, provided that my notice of authorship is retained. I accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused by this program, nor do I accept responsibility for supporting it.


aubconf(1); the INTRODUCING_AUB document