aub - Assemble Usenet Binaries

AUB has been unmaintained software since 2005. I am looking for a new maintainer for AUB. I no longer use it and cannot continue to maintin it or fix bugs in the software since I am no longer particularly familiar with the code. If you would like to maintain AUB, please get in contact with me and we can arrange a tranfers of responsibilities.

The Latest Release

Current Version: 2.2
Released: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:54:51 -0400
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The latest release includes the following new functionality and bug fixes:

Changes and new functionality in other recent releases include:


You can download the latest version of aub 2.2 from the following locations within aub's download directory at

I now distribute md5sums of aub these files signed by my GPG key so you can verify their integrity.

If you can package aub in another format (RPM?) contact me with your package and I'd love to host it at this page.

General Information


aub (pronounced like -OW- as in Saudi) is a (not so) short perl designed script to download articles from newsgroups and decode them automagically. The current released version handles multi-part postings and both uuencoded and base64 encodings.

It is well documented and is simple to use, configure and debug. It is also free software so you can use, change, and distribute changes to aub free of charge. Read the license for more information.


The following are online versions of documentation included in other forms in any of the aub packages available for download below:


aub has enjoyed many authors and contributors. In this version, the major contributors are:


aub was originally written in 1992 by Mark Stantz. Eight years later, when I was looking for a program to--well--assemble Usenet binaries, I found that aub, with all its warts, still did the job better, more simply, and with more finesse than any other free software program.

As time went on, aub became increasingly out of date. It was written in Perl4 and had many quirks (that is the polite term) as a result, even breaking several times. Over time, many developers added functionality, fixed bugs, and shared their changes with the community. I've tried to incorporate a number of these into the version of aub available here in an attempt to create "official" version. With the permission of Mark Stantz and Avinash Chopde--the most recent major aub hacker (myself excluded)--aub development seems to finally have a new home.



I can no longer accept or respond to bugs in AUB since I do not use it. If you would like to become a maintainer for the program, please contact me and we arrange for a transfer of responsibilities.