The Adventures of Mika and Mako: An Educational Series

Part 1: The Recalcitrant Cork

October 16, 2004

Director of Photography: Greg Pomerantz

There's an educational lesson buried in here. If you're trying to learn how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew and you mean business, you might be more interested in the more technical but less fun version of the story.

Yeah, baby!

Who's there?

It's me, honey.


A bottle of wine.

This is a good vintage.

How about it?

Just twist the cap...


It seems to have a cork.

No cork screw? I'm sad.

I'll use my teeth.

No, let's try some of these fancy tools.

A cheese grater!

Its working grate.

Surely my surgical forceps will succeed.

Eureka!! I knew the answer all along.

Follow me to the hall.

My sensei taught me an ancient technique...

using the back of a pen...

to push the cork...

into the bottle.

Victory is mine (with only minor injuries).


Indeed, this is a good vintage.

Yeah, baby.