Want To Hear a Bad Idea?

Point 1:

I was vegetarian for several years. I had two major reasons: I was worried about alienation of myself from the process of meat production (of the "sausage comes from supermarkets" variety) and because I thought eating meat was inefficient. My efficiency argument was basically that, "one could produce many pounds/kilos of human edible food products in the same amount of land/effort/etc that it took to produce the grain necessary to feed the animals that produced a single pound/kilo of meat."

Along these lines, I would sometimes eat a bit of meat if it would otherwise be thrown away; wasted meat was worse than no meat at all.

Point 2:

I think murder is bad. Period. It’s worth considering deterrents.

In a kinky, and wholly inappropriate combination of these two positions, it would seem that killing people is not only bad, but very inefficient. We might help undue some of this bad by punishing murderers by making them eat their victims.

Yeah, I know murder deterrents beyond what we have don’t usually work but I think that this solution would make murders’ think twice even in that oft-cited moment of rage.

Maybe not.

Update: I think that maybe posting this was the bad idea. :) People thought it sounded funny over a few bottles of tequila in Veracruz.

2 Replies to “Want To Hear a Bad Idea?”

  1. typically the murderer would be the one getting eaten, at least in cannibalistic societies. interesting alcohol-induced idea though.

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