Geek Shall Inherit the Earth Talk

I wrote an essay several years ago called The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: My Story of Unlearning. It’s buried on my website but still manages to attract a consistent stream of readers.

It’s essentially the story of how I became a geek, about school, ADD, and free software. It is by far the most personal thing I’ve ever published. That said, several people have told me that it’s influenced them deeply — changed their views, politics and attitudes in important ways.

In December, my friend Marcell asked me to give a version of the talk as part of his G33koskop series. I was hesitant to give such a personal talk but I did it anyway. I’ve finally got around to cleaning up the recording and have posted it online. You can download and listen to the talk here in Ogg Vorbis or here in MP3).