Stumping for Free Culture

I’ve let my talks page fall badly out of date in the last year. As a first stab toward updating it, I’ve uploaded all of the notes for all of talks I’ve given calling for a free culture movement built around a standard of freedom and for adoption of the Definition of Free Cultural Works.

There are notes posted for talks at the following conferences and meetings:

The talks and notes are not the same, but they are often very similar and they share a lot of text.

The only recording I have is the one from the FSF Members meeting which I posted here before. It’s still available online here:

Perhaps a couple other recordings will surface.

The good news is that I think that those of us involved with the definition have begun to make real progress in getting the message out and I think that, in several real ways, we’ve changed the nature of the conversation around free culture.

I hope so, because I think that, looking at the list above, it’s probably time to move on and to think about helping the definition and the movement in new innovative ways and with new compelling arguments.