Two Upcoming Talks

At the risk (read: sure thing) of appearing to self promote, I want to plug two talks I’ll be giving soon:

  • Tomorrow (Wednesday November 17, 2004), I’ll be talking at the New York Linux User Group (NYLUG) giving a talk on customizing Debian. The talk will be about customizing in a general sense pulling from my experience with Ubuntu and in a specific CDD sense pulling sense pulling from my experience with Debian-NP. You need to RSVP to attend and should do it quickly. If you miss the RSVP, you can meet up in the bar across the street for the Real Event afterward. Details are on the NYLUG website.
  • Next Friday (Friday, November 26, 2004), I’ll be giving a keynote address on Ubuntu at the GULEV Congreso Internacional de Software Libre in Veracruz Mexico. It’s just been finalized so it hasn’t even hit the conference website as I write this. You’ll need to visit the conference website for information on attending.

I know I’ll see some old friends and I hope to meet some new folks as well. Feel free to get a hold of me if you’d like to meet up at either event.