I bought a TV-B-Gone a few years back. It’s been fun. I make a point of never turning off a TV that anyone is obviously watching and have only once had anyone turn a television back on. Most people find it easier to just talk to the person sitting across the table than to turn the TV back on.

The only problem is that I can never really tell in advance when I’ll need my TV-B-Gone and so frequently end somewhere wishing I had one when I’ve left it at home. What I really need is a TV-B-Gone-B-Here.

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Benjamin Mako Hill

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4 thoughts on “TV-B-Gone”

  1. rofl, TV-B-Gone is freaking awesome! That could really come in handy on a date if she/he is more interested in the TV at a restaurant/bar than conversation. :) Discretion is of utmost importance as being caught may get you kicked out, beat up or  exposed as a fool.
    Genius…Simply genius.

  2. Couldn’t you program the IRDA interface on a laptop to emulate one?  I don’t know enough about infared to know if that’s possible….

  3. You could if you could get your laptop to record the full list of different signals that the TVBGone outputs.

    Most of the TVBGone type-mods I’ve seen involve modding an existing TVBGone.

  4. I put mine on my keychain, but the battery died fairly quickly, presumably from the button getting pushed while it was floating around in my pocket.  Oh well.

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